Animal Lives Matter

Nearly every 60 seconds, an animal suffers abuse. This leaves millions of animals around the world left in a state of fear, pain, and desperation - often at the hands of those that should be taking care of them.

On April 7th we present pets,
NFT collection NovaVerse

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Open for yourself pets from NovaVerse on Opensea


The NovaVerse is a labor of love created by our teenage artist and her web developer brother. They combined their incredible talents to offer a vibrant NFT collection for all to enjoy that also supports their shared love of helping animals around the world.

For starters, they are incredible pieces of artwork designed by a passionate artist that you cannot find anywhere else.

On top of that, you will be contributing to a great cause as a portion of all adoptions goes towards supporting international animal welfare organizations. When you join the NovaVerse community, you are getting more than an art badge - you are showing the world that Animal Lives Matter!

Everything happening with the NovaVerse collection and adoption opportunities is being managed through our social media platforms.

What Inspired the Name "Nova?" & What is the NovaVerse?



Nova is a house cat from our universe. She is always a happy and playful kitty ready for the next adventure to share with friends in the world we share together.


NovaVerse is the multiverse around our Nova cat. It is an endless number of fantastic worlds and experiences, each with its own unique Nova cat ready to explore and adventure. Starting April 7th, you will be able to adopt any of our available Nova cats via Opensea to share and enjoy the universe where they come from.

International Animal Welfare Funds



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